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    Magento Custom Development

    professional web development services

    Magento is the most popular free e-commerce remedy with many useful functions. Many systems are used for development of e-commerce websites but Magento is first option for web development organizations as it is versatile solid and scalable. Magento is valuable for e-commerce websites because it has many highly effective functions.

    Along with many innovative functions, Magento is also SEO helpful. It uses groups and items optimization very quickly. It allows the customer to put exclusive headings and Meta tags for every classification and item. Magento provides various segments which can make xml sitemaps and can do canonical redirections with convenience.

    Magento is among the most well known E-Commerce application systems these days. Business owners all over the world use Magento software to start their E-Commerce business up as it is very easy to set up, assist, enhance and perform with. As a developer of expert Magento additions, Blue Coral Solutions has obtained wide skills in execution and personalization over the decades.

    We are here to help you with Magento Custom Development, Magento segments and style on Magento Group and Business Version systems. We have a team of extremely certified and qualified workers.

    We will be happy to offer you with quality growth support and our group of professionals, available via email, Skype, life events or phone. It is possible for us to perform with you during your working time whatever your time zone is.

    Use our experience and knowledge to get alternatives that will make your web shop run and cause you to success and prosperity. Reduce expenses with our expert rate of efficiency and performance. Our professionals are always at your support.

    If you still have doubt whether to use magento development services, consider its tremendous performance and the opportunities it provides with the free value and all the available additions out there, consider how quickly your workers will handle it, and do not neglect the services we can always offer you with. Feel the power of this great and feature-rich E-Commerce system and get the control in your arms.

    Blue Coral Solutions is one of the top groups in custom magento development, Magento execution and Magento personalization. We are writers of many Magento implementations, often such as innovative custom remaking, own add-on. Our job is not just to implement Magento layouts, but to create an innovative e-commerce websites. For the record of our professional web development services, you may examine our most appropriate Magento implementations record.

    Our group includes several experienced Magento venture professionals and developers with several years of experience, and thanks to this, we can provide you professional solutions on the biggest stage. We have also long term experience of handling application and web tasks so we can provide you excellent services. If you already have a Magento website of your own and need further remaking, strategy to have a new and you are losing some performance you need, you can get in touch with Blue Coral Solutions and seek advice from with us.

    Please, do not think twice to get in touch with us, with your Magento Custom Development needs or any query.

    • Basic Magento Webshop Creation
    • Unlimited Products
    • 5 Product Entries
    • 2 Static Page Entries
    • Payment Module$2,500

    • Custom Magento Webshop Creation
    • Unlimited Products
    • 30 Product Entries
    • 5 Static Page Entries
    • Payment Module$4,000

    • Premium Magento Webshop Creation
    • Unlimited Products
    • 50 Product Entries
    • 10 Static Page Entries
    • Payment Module$6,000

    • Enterprise Magento Webshop Creation
    • Unlimited Products
    • 200 Product Entries
    • 25 Static Page Entries
    • Payment Module$19,900



    All prices are in USD. Prices are specific to ecommerce platform developed on Magento and are not inclusive of website design. Please contact us for additional extensions as pricing will vary per package. Published prices are flat one-time fees. 50% deposit due at commencement.

    *site and Webshop updates limited to original template design and do not include any artwork or design fees.

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