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    Affiliate Marketing

    Pay per click advertising through affiliate marketing is available in many markets. Many companies have affiliate marketing programs, from copywriting sites to cosmetics sites. Certain dating sites are notorious for using cost per click affiliate marketing tactics. Many times, these companies make it so that their affiliates are only paid after they have earned a specified amount. This amount varies from company to company, but is often somewhere between ten and one hundred dollars. Some people are able to make a living completely off of their cost per click affiliate marketing investments. The ease of this form of money making lies in the fact that a link or ad only needs to be placed once; all subsequent clicks lead to payment.

    Where to Place Links or Ads

    Pay per click ads can be placed around a variety of places on the internet. Popular places for these links or ads to be placed include YouTube videos, personal webpages, and blogs. Some people create blogs specifically to use for affiliate marketing or cost per click services. Visitors to these blogs may never be able to tell that was their true purpose, since they use content creatively in order to appear like a site that has other motives besides making money.

    How Much Can You Earn?

    The price per click of pay per click ads varies greatly from company to company, ad to ad, and click to click. However, many people report making thousands of dollars a year off of their cost per click advertising efforts alone. Of course, reaching this level takes a lot of hard work. However, once you are at that level, it is relatively easy to maintain a fairly high level of payout on a regular basis. Success comes with practice and experience in the world of PPC ads, just like in many other facets of life.

    Getting Started

    Getting started with cost per click advertising is extremely simple. Just find a company that has an affiliate marketing program without many standards. Sign up, create a blog, and start experimenting with methods to generate clicks. There are also many great ebooks and other online resources that can help you succeed in the pay per click industry. Don’t sit around waiting for money to find you, get started with PPC today and begin the path to making a lot of money with little effort. Who needs a real job when you’re a successful cost per click advertiser?