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    About Us

    Blue Coral Solutions is an online marketing consultancy that provides all types of businesses with the tools necessary to compete in today’s technical marketing world. Using tools and techniques in the areas of natural (organic) website optimization, SEO marketing, PPC marketing, web design & development, and email marketing, we look to generate a fantastic return on investment on a local or international level for each of our clients.

    Our Vision

    We aim to demonstrate excellence in our abilities using industry standard and innovative techniques to fulfill the needs of our clients until they are fully met. Offering transparency to how our efforts are positively influencing the bottom line for each of our clients is a requirement of our product and services. We will meet the standard of expectations for each project and attempt to exceed those standards wherever achievable.

    Our Team

    We are a team of highly qualified and experienced marketing professionals, designers, developers, and editors who have studied and gained enough experience by working in this field to guarantee that we can deliver a product and/or service that meets your expectations 100% of the time. We are comprised of local and expat personnel, who work harmoniously together with the goal of creating value to businesses, whether locally or internationally.

    Your Business

    Blue Coral Solutions is the right fit for any company that desires to improve their brand, recognition, client base, and customer retention. If you have a business, we can help develop your website. If you have a website, we can help optimize it so that you generate as much organic traffic as possible, create PPC campaigns to gain visibility of your brand, and get you ranking on search engines so people can find your business. If you have a client database, will we create retention efforts through email campaigns and other clever marketing tactics, so you continue to generate repeat business. We will provide your business with the keys to the door that allow you to take it to the level that you are currently unable to achieve on your own. We will do this with a guarantee and a handshake!